Every year we distil only a finite batch of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and together these scarce, mature distillates will eventually form the Vintage InchDairnie. Once they are gone, they are gone. Rather than distil the same spirit throughout the year, we change according to seasons. This is rare. This is unique.
What we are offering to you as a potential buyer, is the opportunity to own a seasonal distillate, a building block for the official InchDairnie Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

“This is one of the best new makes I have come across in my lifetime” Norman Mathison – Retired Master Blender

This unique opportunity is very limited as we only release 30 casks per year, with only one type of liquid. InchDairnie Distillery is not open to visitors therefore being a cask owner is the only way to visit the distillery. As a cask owner you are not only our guest, but part of our history and we will give you a rare insight into how we work with our quest for flavour.

“In terms of flavour innovation, other distillers will be looking at InchDairnie Distillery for years to come”

Dave Broom – Whisky Writer

For more information on the cask offer, pricing and legalities please email contact@inchdairniedistillery.com

As a cask owner you will be invited to visit your cask three times during the twelve years of maturation. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit InchDairnie Distillery and experience your whisky as it matures.

Warehousing & Bottling We store your cask in our warehouses on-site and when your whisky is ready, it will be bottled in our exclusive Cask Club bottles, featuring a personalised label.

Personalised Stencil
Your cask end will be personalised with your name and you will receive a copper replica of the stencil to display in your home.

Sample Case
After year one you will receive a sample case with your first year samples, one for tasting and one for display. Every year until maturation, you will receive two 10cl samples, to keep a record of your maturing whisky.

For more information on the cask offer, pricing and legalities please contact: contact@inchdairniedistillery.com