InchDairnie Single Malt will not be released until around 2029

– when it happens, it will be as a vintage.

Every year we distil only a finite batch of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and together these scarce, mature distillates will eventually form the InchDairnie Vintage. Once they are gone, they are gone. We do this for the sake of flavour. Rather than distil exactly the same spirit throughout the year, we change according to seasons.

This is rare. This is unique.



This is very limited as we only release 30 casks per year.

Only one type of liquid will be released for the InchDairnie Cask Owner’s Club programme per year.

InchDairnie has a long-term commitment to this programme and every year we will publish what the distillation plan looks like in the years to come.

Should you wish to mature it for longer than twelve years, all we need closer to the 12 year mark, is a commitment from you to pay additional warehouse rent of £50 per year.




InchDairnie Distillery is not open to visitors; being a cask owner is the only way to visit the distillery.

Once your cask has been bottled, we will come to a venue of your choosing and hold a private InchDairnie tasting for you and friends. The bottling is included in the price of the cask.

Every year you will receive 2 x 10cl sample bottles from your cask, for you to follow the development of the maturing spirit.

One of these samples can be kept in the bespoke sample display case we will send you.

All warehousing and insurance costs for the 12 years maturation are included in the price of the cask.


As a cask owner you are not only our guest, but part of our history and we will give you a rare insight into how we work with our quest for flavour.


As a cask owner you will be invited to visit your cask three times during the twelve years of maturation. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit InchDairnie Distillery and experience your whisky as it matures.

Warehousing & Bottling

We store your cask in our exclusive cask club warehouse on site and when your whisky is ready, it will be bottled in our bespoke bottles, featuring a personalised label.

Personalised Stencil

Your cask end will be personalised with your name and you will receive a copper replica of the stencil to display as you wish in your home.

Sample Case

After year one you will receive a sample case with your first year samples, one for tasting and one for archiving.

Every year until maturation, you will receive two 10cl samples, to keep a record of your maturing whisky




Only 30 casks per year are planned to be released through our Cask Owner’s Club.

Your spirit will be matured for minimum 12 years at the distillery with proof of ownership issued to you.

Maximum two casks per purchaser per year but can buy in following years subject to conditions.

All releases will be from a single distillation. There will be different distillates made available each year.

“In terms of flavour innovation, other distillers will be looking at InchDairnie Distillery for years to come.”

Whisky Writer Dave Broom



Your whisky will be bottled in our uniquely designed InchDairnie Distillery bottles.

The whisky will be bottled at 46% or cask strength (casks are filled at 63.5% abv).

The number of bottles, if bottled at cask strength is expected to be between 240-270, depending on final strength and evaporation.

The number of bottles if bottled at 46% is expected to be around 310 – 340 bottles.




InchDairnie Autumn new make filled into a Port cask


InchDairnie Summer new make filled into a Muscatle cask made from American Oak


InchDairnie Spring new make filled into an ex bourbon cask made from American Oak


InchDairnie Summer new make filled into a first fill French oak cask


InchDairnie Winter filled into an Amontillado cask


“Through our bold approach to flavours and innovation we strive to create unique spirit with respect for tradition and consumers. We would like to share our passion for flavour, quality and excellent whisky with the discerning malt whisky lover”

“Since we began distilling in 2015 we have realised that we have a unique proposition for the malt whisky lover. We will not just sell a cask, but guide you through the entire aging process with unique sampling. When a very limited number of casks are made available, it will mark a unique chance to be part of the history of InchDairnie Distillery.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to some commonly asked Cask Club questions.

Is the cost of bottling the whisky included in the initial payment?

Yes, we will arrange for all of the bottling, including all the materials. The whisky will be bottled in our own bespoke bottle.

Can I personalise the label on the bottle?

Yes. We will create a label for the bottle and design it to your needs. The label however must comply with all the mandatory regulations in the country where it will be delivered.

I do not live in the UK, how can I import the bottled whisky?

The owner of the whisky must pay for the delivery of the bottles from Scotland to their home. As part of this delivery will be the payment of all the duties and other levies due on the alcohol. We will make all of these arrangements for you. All you need to do is transfer the funds.

Can I sell my cask to another person before it is bottled?

We do not sell our casks as an investment. The casks are sold on the basis that the whisky is for your own use and gifting. The contract of ownership is not transferable. However, we do know that some people purchase casks as a gift for someone. We must know this at the beginning of the process in order to transfer the ownership when the time comes.

What return on investment can I expect?

The casks are sold on the basis the whisky is for your own use and gifting. We are whisky distillers, not an investment house. If you wish to invest in whisky for financial return, there are other routes available to you but not through the InchDairnie Cask Club.

Can a group of people own a cask?

Yes, we welcome group ownership.

You do not have a visitor centre, can I visit the distillery to see my cask?

As an owner, you can visit the distillery three times during the maturation period, as well as on the cask filling day.

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