Of InchDairnie

During the early part of this century the Whisky industry began to change, a change that represented an opportunity for a new Scotch malt Whisky distillery with a fresh and forward looking approach.

While searching for a suitable location for the construction of this new distillery a number of possible locations were examined. One of the possible locations was the location of the former Prinlaws Mill on the banks of the river Leven, on the outskirts of Leslie in Fife. The banks of the river Leven are full of old mills all taking their power from the steady flow of the river fed from loch Leven in Kinross-shire to the west.

The historic Prinlaws mill built in 1829 was owned and operated by a company called John Fergus & Co. In 1957 the company ceased trading and the mill was all demolished except for a tall red brick chimbly stack. This stack was erected when the mill was converted to coal power. The coal being taken from the nearby coal mines.


John Fergus & Co founded

In February of 2011 the new John Fergus & Co (later InchDairnie Distillery Co) was created with the ambition to build a distillery on the site of the old mill. However detailed investigation of the site proved it was not suitable. There was a risk of flooding.

A new location was quickly found on the south side of the hill from the Prinlaws mill. This new location was on land that used to belong to InchDairnie House. InchDairnie house was part of the long established InchDairnie estate gifted to the Ayton family in 1539 by the Scottish crown. The Ayton family owned the land until 1901.


Approval received and purchase of 7 hectares of land (later increased)

The land fell into the ownership of the Glenrothes Development Corporation and then into the ownership of the Fife Council. The newly formed John Fergus & Company lodged its planning application to build the distillery and warehouses in September 2012 and was granted approval in January 2013. Purchase of the land quickly followed.


Building and First Distillation

Construction of the distillery started in July 2014 and distillation started in December 2015.

The very first distillate was of StrathEnry, the flavourful single malt we do not bottle ourselves but only use for exchanges with other distillers and blenders.


Seasonal distillation for the single malt commences

In 2016 we began distilling our own single malt using only Fife barley. Not only that, it was, and still is, a seasonal distillation meaning that what we distil in the spring is different to what we distil in the summer, autumn and winter. The differences are due to the use of spring barley (for the spring and summer distillates) and winter barley (for the autumn and winter distillates). These malted barleys are milled and mashed and then sent to outdoor fermentation with seasonal variation each with its own unique yeast recipe. After fermentation (time varies according to seasons) the four different seasons are then distilled and selected at different strengths after which the different distillates are filled into a variety of casks chosen to enhance their seasonality of their individual flavour spectrums.

When InchDairnie eventually is bottled, it will be as a Vintage in 2029. This means taking the seasonal whiskies from 2016 and marrying them together to create arguably the most complex single malt available.


Rye is distilled for the first time

In 2017 InchDairnie Distillery distilled KinGlassie single malt for the first time. KinGlassie is a well-peated single malt first to be released in 2025 as an 8 year old.

Also, in 2017 InchDairnie distilled whisky made from malted rye and barley, RyeLaw, for the first time.


Oats distilled for the first time

In 2019 InchDairnie Distillery distilled an oat spirit, quite possibly for the first time ever in Scotland.


Sour mash and wheated whisky created

In 2021 InchDairnie Distillery created another first by distilling a wheat spirit and by creating a Sour Mash spirit. These firsts will be bottled under the PrinLaws name in the future.


Dark Kilned Barley and 6-Row barley distilled

In 2022 InchDairnie Distillery distilled the difficult to handle 6 row winter barley as well as Dark Kilned Barley normally only used in the brewing of dark ales.

After careful distillation the result is a more estery malt spirit with clear bready, biscuity, malty, and roasty notes.


First official bottling from InchDairnie Distillery – RyeLaw

The first official bottling from InchDairnie is released, the single distillery rye and barley whisky RyeLaw Vintage 2017.


KinGlassie Vintage 2017 Peated Fife Single Malt is released as an 8 year old.


InchDairnie Vintage 2016 Fife Single Malt is released as a 12 year old


The rest is history still to come

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