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InchDairnie Single Malt will not be released until 2029 – by then we will release it annually as a vintage referring to the year of distillation. Unlike the norm, we do not just distil one type of spirit throughout the year. We recognise and embrace the changes in the seasons, and we actively seek the differences of each season.

We do this by fermenting outdoors, by using both spring barley and the rarer winter barley. We have developed individual yeast recipes that best bring out the seasonality and once distilled in our pot stills the new make spirit goes into a wide range of casks chosen through extensive trials, nosing and tasting.

Our Whisky

We produce according to the seasons

The InchDairnie Single malt will be a “Vintage” malt made up of the seasons of a single year.

Each “Vintage” is made up of 5 different styles of spirit produced throughout the year. Each expression reminiscent of the 4 seasons.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Grain Type Spring Barley Spring Barley Winter Barley Winter Barley Peated Winter Barley
Flavour Profile Mown Grass, Floral Flowers, Wine and Cereals Dried Fruits Winter Spice Coal Fire and Peat Embers
Wood Profile Ex Bourbon and Wine Ex Bourbon, Wine and Muscatel Wine, Andalusian Fortified Wine Wine, Andalusian Fortified Wine and Port Ex Bourbon & Rum

The InchDairnie Single Malt will be a Vintage made up of the different seasons of a single year to create one of the most complex single malt whiskies available. Each Vintage will be made up by five different styles of spirit from InchDairnie Distillery, Spring, Summer, Autumn and two Winter versions.

Who knows, one day we might bottle the seasons individually…

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