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KinGlassie is a well-peated single malt from InchDairnie Distillery. It is double distilled in the InchDairnie pot stills, double condensed for more copper contact and double matured in bourbon barrels and Amontillado casks from Montilla.

The name comes from the nearby village of Kinglassie, and it may just be the first peated whisky from the Kingdom of Fife in modern time.


KinGlassie is only distilled once a year for 2 weeks every December. The first KinGlassie to be launched will be matured for eight years in Bourbon and Amontillado casks, which together will combine exquisite silkiness with powerful peat – soft explosions. We expect to launch KinGlassie Vintage 2019 in 2025.

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more than just peat

Everything at InchDairnie is about the quest for flavour. From the innovative hammer mill with its fine grist, to the special yeast recipe, which was developed after much experimentation to find the perfect match.

Using peat from St Fergus in Aberdeenshire, the creation of KinGlassie allows a chunky smoky flavour to come through, but at the same time working in perfect balance with the rich distillery character. Peatiness is measured in Phenols Parts per Million or ppm and KinGlassie is high on the scale. 50 ppm. Or thereabouts. We tend to have a scientific and engineering approach to making whisky, but when it comes to the peating level we have a spec range for the malted barley between 40-60 ppm, meaning there can be fluctuations from year to year. Together with outdoor fermentation as the weather differs this results in KinGlassie being bottled as a Vintage. We will always declare what year it was distilled and bottled. If in doubt, check the stopper.

Inspired by cold winter nights sitting by the fire, with the smoke slowly circulating the room creating a warming winter atmosphere, KinGlassie uses mainland peat to reflect this welcoming comforting winter smoky feel.


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