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We are a Fife distillery that brings malt whisky tradition into the modern world. From grain to bottle, we take an innovative approach to flavour and engineer our whiskies with a strong purpose: to excite palates.

Where science, (magic)
and whisky combine


While a distillery would normally use Spring barley all year round, InchDairnie uses Spring barley only for its Spring and Summer distillates, while Winter barley is used for the Autumn and Winter distillates.


InchDairnie does things a little differently. We use the hammer mill instead of the standard roller mill and the ingenious mash filter instead of a mash tun.


InchDairnie Single Malt is matured in a variety of casks to enhance its seasonality and provide the broadest and deepest flavour.


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Like you, we are in it for the flavour, so we distil our whiskies with the intention of keeping you intrigued with every sip. A quest if you will, where we implement a multi-dimensional approach to achieve a unique complexity.

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