We distill whiskies with the purpose of exciting the consumers’ palate. We implement a multi-dimensional approach aiming to deliver unique complexity.

Cutting-edge technology inside. A taste of magic outside.

Faith in the progress

Our Values

Defining the edge
Be Focused

Through the most innovative and bold approach of flavours we will put Fife on the map of modern luxurious whiskies.

Visible technology outside. Taste of magic inside.

Our mission

We exist to overcome the conventions of Scotch Whisky while respecting its traditions.

We distil whiskies with the purpose to excite you. Like you, we are in it for the flavour. A quest if you will. We implement a multi-dimensional approach aiming to deliver a unique complexity.

Using technology and leveraging ignored or forgotten influences we endeavour to transcend traditions. We actively seek out and try to define the edge. We seek and hope to impress and excite with every glass when tasting our whiskies.

We wish to invite you to join our endeavour.

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