Through our bold approach to flavour and innovation, we strive to be pioneers in pushing the boundaries of whisky flavour, creating unique spirits with respect for tradition.

Our mission

We exist to challenge the conventions of Scotch Whisky while respecting its traditions.

Like you, we are in it for the flavour, so we distil our whiskies with the intention of keeping you intrigued with every sip. A quest if you will, where we implement a multi-dimensional approach to achieve a unique complexity.

Using technology and leveraging ignored or forgotten influences, we endeavour to transcend tradition and define the edge.

We invite you to join our endeavour.


the range


our process

At InchDairnie Distillery you find traditional pot stills, yet also a Lomond Hill still that can accurately pinpoint the precise strength of the optimum flavour. Our fermentation takes place outdoors. Our mash does not see a mash tun but instead goes through a mash filter because it allows for extraction of flavour and sugar. And the mill? The hammer mill pulverises the grain which would clog normal mash tuns. All this means we can use grain types others would find challenging. With the balance of tradition and engineering InchDairnie Distillery is a distillery of its time.

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